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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

We get a lot of queries at Airport Auto Parts Inc. and try to address the most popular ones here.
If you have a question not covered here, call us at 800-349-1141 and ask!

We offer a 30-day return policy on all parts. Any returned item must be in its original, untampered condition and it must be a part we obtained for you. If the item was shipped or was special ordered, a 20% restocking fee may be required.

We offer our customers a 30 day warranty on items. During this time, a part can be returned for a refund, or be exchanged for a replacement when available. If you would like an extended warranty, those can be purchased for an additional cost. Please note , we do not offer any refunds on computers, but if a computer is defective, we will replace it.

We obtain the majority of our vehicles from insurance companies through salvage auctions. This is the best approach to take as it allows us to buy clean vehicles with low mileage on them. We will also buy from body shops, individuals and even garages selectively.

While we would love to say we can, the truth is that it doesn’t pay to have an employee looking for a weather strip or sun visor for your vehicle from our lot of cars. The labor costs would make the part unreasonable to you. This is the reasoning behind our minimum price policy of $35.00. We’d rather be upfront with you about this now, rather than saying we don’t have something. We believe in being open and honest with you in all our communications.

We do have a minimum order price of $35.

Yes we deliver to commercial addresses within a 50 mile radius of Toledo, Ohio.

If you are within the continental United States, we will use Fed Ex and other freight carriers to ship parts to you. We do not offer international shipping.

To help keep everyone safe and for quality control, we do not allow anyone access to our yard without an employee and we will not allow anyone to pull their own parts.

This is as easy as finding the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN and using a VIN decoder. With this number, the information on your vehicle can be quickly pulled up by our sales staff and we can help to decode the vehicle  information for you.

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For 46 years, our focus has been on procuring parts from clean, low mileage vehicles!

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